We were looking for a partner who could help us increase ROI from all our marketing activities globally and interact with our target prospects to make them prime and ready for our sales teams. Thanks to Revvlocity, I was able to achieve this in record times. We engaged with them on a pilot to assess their strengths and were truly amazed. Revvlocity team provided us with relevant intent signals, we got to the right titles, gave our sales teams intel on the right content to put in front of our prospects and as a result, had our first opportunity within few meetings off the pilot. Today the Revvlocity team is able to work with us to launch new campaigns quickly and easily. Right from handling In-bound leads to Out-bound ABM campaigns, they are our go-to partner enabling an even better relationship between our marketing and sales teams, allowing us to easily present campaign results and showcase ourselves as a commercial growth engine.

- Chief Marketing Officer

Leading IT Infrastructure Services Company