Inside Sales is a bigger sum of many moving parts

However, being inside the process makes it difficult to discern problems and introduce effective changes to the entire sales process.

Our Consulting services offer an outside-in perspective into every nook and cranny of your inside sales process to make it more effective, optimum and relevant for your business.

Eliminate wasteful and non-core sales activities from your team, automate processes and bring efficiencies by setting up critical monitoring mechanisms for tracking progress. If you do not have an inside sales team, we will help you set up an efficient and effective one in shortest time span.

Once we understand your key issues and challenges, we spend time on premise to observe the process, gather inputs from your team and conduct mock runs, if needed. Our comprehensive guides and questionnaires on inside sales process, team structure and performance metrics help us collect the most relevant information in minimal time investment from your team.

Leveraging our experience and expertise in working with diverse industries, domains and geographies, we create an audit report containing our observations, comparisons with industry benchmarks and key recommendation from our study.

Finding target market for a new product has its own challenges. We wanted to hire an inside sales company that is proficient in the Information Technology sector and quicken our go-to-market cycle. So, we hired Revvlocity, with an initial commitment of setting 8-10 meetings a month. But within six months, we increased our capacity to 3X; given the highly qualified leads. Consequently, we closed closed significantly big deals that helped us exceed our revenue targets for the period. This was possible only because of Revvlocity’s active engagement with prospects, need analysis and client intelligence that lead to highly engaging interactions.

- Position, Global provider of enterprise Software, solutions and services

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  • >> Audit:
    End-to-end audit of your Inside Sales Process and onsite monitoring for post-audit amendments

  • >> Gap analysis:
    A Snapshot report on gaps in process, considering revenue targets

  • >> Reporting and analytics:
    Analyze information gathered from customers and prospects to find relevant insights for the business

  • >> Governance and execution:
    Closely monitor the existing Inside sales process of the team and provide instant feedback on ammendments

  • >> Devise solution (build, operate, transfer model):
    Help set up a team as a part of Revvlocity, train and transfer to client organization, when ready

  • >> Set up Inside Sales Process:
    Design and develop a process most suitable to your organizational needs