Are you able to maximise the potential of events by generating relevant leads?

There is an eternal debate on relevance of marketing generated leads for sales teams. This includes leads generated before, during and post events and conferences.

Targeting the right audience, developing their profiles, acquainting them with your solutions, building curiosity and qualifying them into warm and hot leads by end of conference one of our key specialities.

Post your confirmation on leads, we nurture the leads till we set up the first appointment with your sales team. These services are extendable to any prospect touchpoint that your marketing team deems fit to be nurtured.

With this service, you can focus on strategizing the content and design of your event and utilize time and effort in creating a great conference and not worrying about participant turn-ups, prospect quality and leads garnered at the end of the event.

We reached out to Revvlocity mainly to expand our foothold in North America. Even for veterans like us, it is often challenging to get hold of the right set of prospects and catching their attention. Revvlocity team worked their way diligently to find every possible tactic to reach out to most relevant targets and set up meetings. We had planned to test waters with an initial target and then accelerate from there. However, the team’s performance has been tremendous in a very short period, making us increase the workflow and raise the bar of performance.

- Position, Global IT Services Company

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  • >> Relevant audience:
    Assimilate most suitable attendees for events, Conferences & Webinars

  • >> Brand Introduction:
    Conduct Product briefing and demos during events on your behalf

  • >> Prospect profiling:
    Collect necessary information to create a potential list of prospects

  • >> Lead nurturing:
    Actively engage with suitable prospects

  • >> Meetings:
    Set up focused meetings during and after the event