65% of high growth companies are inhibited by lack of high-quality account and contact data, information, and intelligence.


Imagine if this is the the case with companies witnessing high growth, what would be the implication for low growth companies.

Data isn’t wise by itself if it is not accurate, relevant and time treat. However, creating an accurate, clean and relevant database of prospects and updating it regularly is a daunting, non-core task that can cost substantially to any organisation.

We have been wading through data for years now and it takes us far less time to scan, scrutinize and correct piles of prospect and account data. We validate accuracy, triangulate from multiple sources and fill gaps wherever needed to create data asset for your current and potential needs.

Our existing database of prospects and organisations from across geographies, industries and domains solves half of your data woes while our vigilant sales representatives’ keen eye to detail and research skills enable us to provide you with high quality, detailed account intelligence.

Our work involves engagement with large and extra-large corporations who have no time to pay attention to marketing and sales communication. The C, V, D level decision makers are hard to access and set up appointments with. However, the job seemed to be a smooth sailing for Revvlocity team that set up 15 product demos with highly relevant top-level decision makers within the first 6 weeks of the sales campaign. The team was very quick to understand the prospecting requirements and implement the required changes to their day to day processes that lead to immediate results.

- A leading player in Legacy application modernization and maintenance

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  • >> Data validation & enrichment:
    Triangulate contact information and adding details to prospect data

  • >> Data Audits:
    Check the accuracy of existing customer database

  • >> Pattern analysis:
    Comprehensive analysis of diverse set of data gathered during the process

  • >> Solution-specific data offering:
    Creating database particular to client's products and solutions

  • >> Fresh prospect research:
    Creating a new database of prospects from scratch