The first meeting, the sales pitch, the insistent selling – these are all olden ways of generating prospect’s interest in your organisation’s products and services.

Successful companies focus on relevant conversations conducive to problem solving for the prospect and their organisation.

This is possible only if the sales personnel understands the prospect and their organisational goals before meeting them in person. This involves gathering detailed information about prospects’ organisation, competitors, existing challenges, initiatives, past purchases and prospect’s buying psyche and functional requirements.

A full-fledged research about a single prospect typically involves going through multiple sources of information including social networks, online communities and select databases. You will need a dedicated team to do this along with direction and motivation.

We just need one short orientation meeting about your business, products and solutions. You can then, sit back and let us find every little detail that will help form the basis of your prospect’s profile.

Our SalesPro team has the combination of sales expertise, education, management and experience that produces an effective result. The quality of the leads has been 5 out of 5. They know how to find the right person in large and small companies. After only two months of working with SalesPro, we were convinced they could help us grow profitably. They even helped identify the number of leads we could effectively respond to, an unexpected and welcome piece of business knowledge we needed. Their professionalism and expertise motivated us to renew our contact for another year.

- CEO, A leader in installations, service and support of power protection services to the IT industry

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  • >> Prospect Persona:
    Triangulate contact information and adding details to prospect data

  • >> Industry & Market Insights:
    Creating a new database of prospects from scratch

  • >> Competitive intelligence:
    Check the accuracy of existing customer database

  • >> Voice of customer surveys:
    Creating database particular to client's products and solutions

  • >> Reject reasons analysis:
    Comprehensive analysis of diverse set of data gathered during the process

  • >> Persuasion/Nurturing strategies:
    Comprehensive analysis of diverse set of data gathered during the process