Sales has been beyond a passion for the two of us since the days we started working together as colleagues. Our work took us through various sales channels, processes, methods and market conditions across geographies. While we achieved ambitious targets, we weren't satiated with our individual victories. There were significant gaps in the way sales should have been done vs. how it was being done, and we were troubled by this status quo.

What started as discussions slowly shaped into a market need that aligned with our skills and potential. Finally, SalesPro was born - a pursuit to enable organizations to sell better and cost-effectively. For our clients, we wanted to be an extended sales team that cut the sales cycle through innovative processes and information backed techniques.

For our team, we wanted a shift in how Sales was perceived. Our focus was to cultivate a relevant, well directed, and persuasive communication strategy that reflected our team as experts with a problem-solving approach. The idea was to move away from conventional, nagging, and insistent sales tactics that portrayed sales personnel as harassers.


Abhinav Sharma

Kejal Haria

Manpreet Mattu